About Us

Advanced Tec-Neeks Super-Finishing (ATSF) is a new division of Short Block Charlie’s and Pro-1 Racing Heads. Charlie Lawlor, founder and owner of Short Block Charlie’s and Pro-1 Racing Heads, is proud to complement his previous businesses with Advanced Tec-Neeks Super-Finishing. The goal is to provide quality metal finishing services to the automotive, powersports, off-road, marine and related industries.

Over the years Charlie was fortunate enough to travel around the world teaching cylinder head machining and porting techniques. During his travels, he saw firsthand how top motorcycle and automotive machine shops clean and process cylinder heads and other major engine components: It was with wet blasting (AKA vapor blasting). Consequently, Charlie bought the premier wet blaster system, a Wet Technologies Wet Blaster, over 6 years ago. And the system was a homerun for his customers. Interestingly, customers began complimenting when they received their cylinder heads back, “They’re brand new, are you sure these are my cylinder heads?”

Shortly afterwards while teaching a class in Melbourne, Australia, Charlie was invited to attend an automotive show similar to the annual Performance Industry Racing (PIR) show in America. There, he was drawn to the BV Products company booth and soon afterwards bought an isotropic surface finishing system to complement the wet blaster.

Today, Charlie’s companies have been performing wet blasting and isotropic surface finishing for over 6 years and have received positive customer responses about the services. In the past, Charlie did not advertise either of these in-house services but now offers a diverse set of metal surface finishing options that clean, polish, restore, improve aesthetics, strengthen, stress relieve, reduce friction, and improve performance to a variety of diverse industries. If your project has a need for metallurgical surface processing, ATSF has the capability, flexibility and versatility to deliver. Advanced Tec-Neeks Super-Finishing offers professional service, attention to detail, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing. Let ATSF help you choose the best finishing process for your next project.